Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mr. Perry Goes to Montpelier

Giving my fans a wave from the Vermont State House
Reflecting on democracy in action (and, I look good in shadows)

Leaf-peepin' with Luke

Distracted by fall foliage and pretty ladies
Chillin' after the shoot

You may not know this (or you do, since you guys are super fans), but I'm a huge history buff, and I'm also interested in politics. If Jason Priestley and I were in charge, this government shutdown wouldn't be happening. Anyway, this weekend I visited the Vermont State House and got some pictures taken by my girl Lisa. The weather was wicked awesome, I was wicked awesome, and the State House was wicked awesome. Can't wait to take the tour.


  1. Kudos to your photographer, who seems to have a keen eye for perspective. One would almost think you're taller than your 3 inches would suggest.

  2. Thanks! I'll let her know. Also, nothing on me is 3 inches.

  3. I almost didn't write the 3 inches bit, knowing that response was just awaiting me. I was trying to keep things classy. My mistake.

  4. Haha!! Oh, Luke! You're so dreamy!

  5. I'm sorry, Anon, you misunderstood. I was talking about my feet!

  6. Thanks, G! You're not so bad yourself.