Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Viva Luke!

Hey, everyone! Crazy weather we've been having lately, eh? I'm totally ready to put away the winter clothes and put on some shorts and a wicked tank top. So ready, in fact, that I went on vacation last week to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I spent the week at a resort just maxin' and relaxin'. It was just the thing I needed to recharge and get back to kickin' ass. Enjoy the photos, but just a warning. There are some shirtless pics of me. Maybe you should be sitting down when you look at 'em. Trust me.
Get ready for me, Mexico!

I make beach lounging look good.

Contemplating life and what it means to be kick-ass.

Workin' on my tan.

Check out that view--and the one behind me.

Waving to my fans.

Sippin' from a ridiculously large drink.

That's me!

Sweet Mexico dreams.

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